Brooklyn Comic Con is going to be loaded with video games. To us, video games are still the best way of bringing friends together and making new ones. Gaming makes our convention interactive, multiplayer, and it becomes a social experience that cannot be replaced. We will curate some rare and remarkable titles, while providing a mix of the best arcade and console games.


Featured Titles

Mortal Kombat 11

You asked for it we got it! FINISH HIM! We are rolling out the big games! Join us for free play of many titles including a celebration of the MK franchise with the latest addition, MK11! #bkcomiccon


Super Smash Bros Ultimate


One of biggest fighting titles of all time, fresh off the press and into Brooklyn Comic Con. Pick up a controller and take part in up to 8-player free for all battles and stay tuned for possible tournament announcements!

Classic Favorites

Maro Kart 64

We had to stay true to our roots! We don’t care who sees us, this convention will celebrate Mario Kart 64! There are a lot of video games in the world but this one to us takes the cake. We are not saying the best, but when it comes to bringing people together and creating a party mood, this game takes the cake! Relive the 90’s with Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64!


X-Men Arcade

Have you ever stepped up to the challenge and battled your way to Magneto? If there was one thing the 90’s delivered it was a kick-ass collection of memorable X-men games, cartoons, and comics. This classic multiplayer beat-em-up goes down as one of the iconic arcade games of all time!



Now if you don’t know this one, you’re gonna learn fast. The main thing to remember is hold turbo and hit shoot when your in the circle to take off! Nothing goes harder in the paint than NBA JAM… ahem, TOURNAMENT EDITION! SLAM!


TMNT: The Arcade

What type of renaissance event would it be without Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, the most honored of their names? Yes, the Ninja Turtles! Since we’re in the Big Apple and it’s Brooklyn, we had to bring TMNT out in it’s original arcade glory!