Cosplay is a main attraction for any comic con. The art of cosplay is multidisciplinary and draws as much from source reference as it does the artist’s craft and techniques. Each cosplay is different and celebrates both the artist and original work. We want to create a space within Brooklyn Comic Con where cosplayers can take center stage. Through immersive set design, guest opportunities, and multimedia projects, let’s celebrate the Cosplayers that literally bring our favorite characters to life!

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We are currently developing our Cosplay Guest lineup. If you are a cosplayer and want to participate in Brooklyn Comic Con please click here to apply!

*Please allow up to 14 days to get a reply :) Thanks.

Featured Guests


Bee Binch

Coming to Brooklyn from the Windy City we are happy to be featuring the super creative and orginal Bee Binch! Have you seen her funky cosplays? They are a perfect blend of quality, humor, and originality. We are excited to see who or what she will transform into Brooklyn Comic Con weekend!


Brooklyn Robotworks

Welcome to the future everybody! Peter Kokis will be stepping into the building on Saturday of Brooklyn Comic Con in one of his cleverly crafted exoskeletons! He takes many items you would find in everyday households and transforms them into living sculptures! #bkcomiccon


Sailor Milaje

Mashup/Remix of the Year? This troupe of awesome cosplaying ladies fused the powers of Sailor Moon and the Dora Milaje of Wakanda! This local band of cosplayers are Sailor Vibranium Scouts! Give them a like and a follow and get ready for worlds to collide at Brooklyn Comic Con!

Livicole Cosplay


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Chibithot Cosplay

City Alien

Cindy Moon

Empty Deity


We are excited to have two Toronto based cosplayers coming to join us at Brooklyn Comic Con. Empty Deity and Sunrize Rebellion craft original cosplays as well as armors, props, and items! We are excited to see what characters and elements they will bring to life!

Welcome to Brooklyn!

Sunrize Rebellion

Dancing Imperial

Kay Victoria

Izzy Saeko



The Cosbaes

What do you get when you take 4 talented cosplayers and bring them together for crazy concept group cosplays? The answer is you never know with the Cosbaes! They are full of surprises and we are super excited that they will be joining us and showcasing their cosplay skills at Brooklyn Comic Con!


Veronica Rae

@veronicaraeofficial is a model and cosplayer who her fandom to the next level by bringing some of her favorite characters to life! We are excited to see who she will be at #bkcomiccon